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YUMM Festival Kirchberg : the phases

At first a jury of experts selected five finalists out of the numerous applications. Several key criteria were considered in selecting the contestants, including the inventiveness and creativity of the mobile caterers, next to the design of their trucks, their team spirit and showmanship, and the presentation of the food.

The following contestants will try to take home the YUMM Festival Kirchberg Public Choice Award: Bammm BQ from Germany, Nina Nina from Belgium, the French Échappée Belle, the Luxembourgish So Food Unlimited and Cravin Cajun's straight from the Netherlands.

The Italian team of the Birrabus will also participate (out of competition) with their food truck serving a variety of craft beers.

From 20 to 22 September, visitors are invited to join a casual and friendly street party and taste the dishes prepared by the five food trucks and their teams. During this event they will have the chance to vote for their favourite truck.

Also the thirsty will find plenty of choice: apart from the non-competing Birrabus, the YUMM Festival Kirchberg will provide a cocktail bar – in cooperation with the restaurant Melià –, a gin bar – in cooperation with the restaurant Tempo – and a wine bar – in cooperation with the restaurant La Table du Belvédère.

After three days the competition will culminate in an award ceremony on Saturday September 22. The winner will take home the “YUMM Festival Kirchberg Public Choice Award”, which will be back up for grabs at the 2019 YUMM Festival Kirchberg.

The mobile kitchens will not be the only attraction of this event. The brass section of the OPL (Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra) will open the festivities on Thursday September 20. DJ Cat Claw, Fanfare Grand-Ducale and DJ Ralitt will follow them. On Friday September 21 the party will really get started with DJ sets by Ben Andrews, Isaac d’Augny and the Luxuriant DJ Crew. Then on Saturday September 22, the last day of the festival will end with a bang as the YUMM Festival Kirchberg, in collaboration with Orchestramania, will provide a platform for the Harmonie Municipale de Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Jazz Orchestra, the Harmonie Municipale Luxembourg & Limpertsberg, the Cape Verdean band Melodiana and the Big Band de l’Harmonie Municipale Merl-Belair.

The festival will feature a variety of activities, making this first edition a family-friendly event that brings together people from different cultural backgrounds.


Bammm BQ

Pulled Pork

Cooking is something Léon has grown up with; he knew how to cook even before he could walk. Or almost! A butcher by profession, for two decades he ran a chip shop. A real meat lover, he set foot on Luxembourg soil for the first time in 1977, when he began selling his gyros at the Octave. Slightly ahead of his time, he renamed it suckling pig: a smash hit. It was his wife who brought up the idea of a food truck. An idea as simple as ingenious: thanks to his food truck he can now share his passion for meat and serve his pulled pork with all types of sauces. It also allows him to spend more time with his family.

Why participate in the YUMM Festival Kirchberg? He immediately appreciated the professional aspect of the competition and the panel of expert jurors who share his love for genuine regional produce, the same products he uses in his mobile kitchen.

His strongest asset? As Léon himself puts it: for him, it is not simply a job, it is a passion. All his products are carefully selected, paying particular attention to quality: meat, but also homemade sauces and side dishes.

His truck? A truck that advertises his love for the region, with a simple and no-frills design.


So Food Unlimited


The catering world holds no secrets for Greggory who admits having been a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the hotel and restaurant business. When the time came to start his own business, it was only natural that he would opt for a food truck. It gave him the freedom to combine his dreams and ambitions: homemade cooking and generous portions, his desire to meet people and to share his know-how, his love for food products…. A way to think outside the box! Because every day is a new chapter and each new location a new adventure! For the past five years now he has been travelling across Luxembourg with his two trucks and his team. He invents recipes using seasonal produce, but is also at least as much inspired by the people he meets every day.

Why participate in the YUMM Festival Kirchberg? Greggory sees this as an interesting opportunity to explain his profession and to showcase the know-how and professionalism of food truckers. “This festival allows the great public to discover the difference between a simple snack and the tasty dishes prepared by a food truck.” He also found the competitive spirit interesting and is proud to be chosen to participate out of many candidates.

His strongest asset? The incredible flavour of the food! Greggory and his team offer homemade dishes, using only fresh products and preparing the food from scratch. Their range of tasty homemade sauces certainly contributes to this success. Every ingredient that goes into their burgers is carefully selected, paying particular attention to the quality and origin of the ingredients, so that all their burgers offer a taste sensation in every bite.

His truck? Simple and elegant, turning the spotlight on the real star: the burger!

Echappçe Belle Fàte De La Nature Low

L’échappée belle


They admit that they started this cooking business “because it made sense” to them. Finding themselves immersed in a region where they are surrounded by farmers all producing equally outstanding products and also having a very generous vegetable garden of their own, they decided to put the product itself centre stage. These vegetables, fruits and local products rich in taste and flavour inspire them to create recipes that are both simple and tasty. They want to give people from all over France – and beyond – the chance to discover these delights, served up from their charming little food truck.

Why participate in the YUMM Festival Kirchberg? They liked the idea of this competition promoting Europe’s culinary diversity and they also wanted to visit our beautiful country. But, above all, their desire to introduce the cuisine of their regions to the Luxembourg people and the festive and cultural aspects of this event convinced Marielle and Milèna to participate.

Their strongest asset? The true taste of food, with an extra touch of originality! In their truck they transport the best products Vercors has to offer, so that they can develop original dishes inspired by major cuisines from all over the world. Rumour has it that there will be a Vercors maki on the menu!

Their truck? A small white van that reminds us of the street vendors who used to travel through the French countryside.

Cravin6 Low

Cravin Cajun's

Traditional american food

In the Maessen family, passion for cooking has been passed on through many generations. At a very young age, Björn knew that one day he would be chef. He took a slight detour from his career path and worked as an event planner for a while, but soon returned to his first love in his own way. When he launched his first food truck, it was an immediate success. Last year he launched a second truck, Cravin Cajun's, which combines his two passions: his love for spicy food and planning events.

Why participate in the YUMM Festival Kirchberg? This high-level competition offers the perfect opportunity to promote his concept and his new food truck. However, more importantly, visitors will learn about the abundance of flavours of traditional African food, which, he asserts, deserves wider attention!

His strongest asset? A completely new style of cooking rich in flavour that will sweep the visitors off their feet!

His truck? A small matt black retro style van!

Nina Gagnant

Nina Nina

Italian food

An avid cook since childhood, Nina seized the opportunity to start a new career. She fulfilled her dream… and more: she already proudly owns two trucks! Her secret? Inspired by the Italian cuisine she revisits the great classic recipes. A good example is her famous burger with green-white-red sauce, which she likes to prepare on the spot in front of customers.

Why participate in the YUMM Festival Kirchberg? Nina looks forward to returning to Luxembourg where she was pleasantly surprised to find many gourmet lovers with the most demanding of palates. The other two things that convinced her to participate were the professional aspect of the competition and the chance to meet other chefs and professional caterers.

Her strongest asset? Carefully selected products that offer the best flavour. These products help to bring out the incredible flavours in each of her dishes, adding a little sunshine to her plates.

Her truck? Totally integrated with the concept, the truck’s design is inspired by Italy’s Commedia dell’Arte, but is above all a reflection of a festive, happy event.