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Application for foodtrucks

1. Organisation and running of the competition:

  • Finalists will be selected by a pre-jury. 1 000 € will be paid to every candidate after confirming their participation following selection.

2. Selection criteria :

  • Originality of the culinary offer
  • Quality of the ingredients and presentation of the dishes
  • Ability to manage significant peaks in customer demand
  • Creativity and originality in truck presentation
  • Strong visual identity
  • Expression of environmental awareness in equipment used, dishes offered and independent waste management will be an advantage

3. Application portfolio:

  • Short presentation text (general description of the truck, dishes, ingredients, sample recipes etc …)
  • Photos of the food truck and some of the dishes on offer
  • On-line addresses (website, Facebook page, …)
  • Legal documentation permitting commercial activity as a food truck

Applications can be submitted in pdf format throughout the year to The final date for acceptance of applications is the 1st of March of every year, for the festival of that calendar year.

4. Selected candidates :

  • Are requested to confirm their participation within two weeks of being informed of their selection. In the absence of confirmation within this time, the selection will be attributed to another candidate.
  • Are invited to provide their own furniture which can be set up near the truck.
  • Must provide non-stop service during the opening hours of the Festival and must manage increased numbers at peak hours..
  • Will indicate their water and electricity requirements to ensure supply points are in place.
  • Will ensure the area is respected, leaving their allotted pitch clean upon departure.

5. Terms and conditions :

The Festival organizer will provide every participant with a container for final waste material.

Participants can leave their designated pitches after the stated, compulsory time periods. Access to and from the site is to be agreed with the organizer.